Our experience, your advantage

Our prime Mission at SODETRA is to provide Superior Customer Satisfaction beyond the average level of expectation.

We offer point-to-point logistic solutions both regional and international which has forged long term alliances with our clients over the past two decades.

In order to build on our success we have made a commitment to continually improve the quality and range of services we deliver to our clients

Who we are

In the spotlight

“ Thanks to the unwavering client’s support and dedicated network of partners, the company has expanded to serve in several countries across the globe with its own offices manned by over 50 employees.”


01. Road Freight

With its own offices located in Dar es Salaam and partner’s office in Mombasa and Beira SODETRA is able to offer tailored made road freight solutions to various land locked countries such as Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Zambia.

02. Air Freight

Through our global network of world’s leader in airfreight, we provide individually-customised Air Freight services focused on quick transit considerations, cost-cutting opportunities to enable our clients to have a competitive edge in the business.

03. Ocean Freight

Our team of sea freight division experts offer a full array of maritime services focused on guiding you through the complexities of global shipping to ensure the best standards in customer service with cost effectiveness and time bound deliveries by sea.

04. Rail Freight

SODETRA has long specialized in Railway and Intermodal Transportation Services between Burundi & D.R Congo, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia. With the newly launched Central Corridor Railroad project, railway will see a strong revival in the Eastern and Southern region of Africa.

05. Projects & Heavy Lift Cargo

With a team of retired engineers, heavy duty drivers with a vast experience in the handling of break-Bulk and Out of Gauge cargo, we strive to apply the most cost effective processes to improve transport efficiency. This includes also adhering to local road traffic regulations in the different countries.

06. Customs Clearance

Customs clearance requires meticulous planning and clear paperwork due to the high value, time-critical, over-weight and over-sized equipment and machinery in question.